I try my best to help my employers building the software products they dream of.

I mostly know java and linux and I’ve been using those skills in various industries including health, finance and media.

I’ve built various type of software ranging from heavy clients to web sites to API with their backing middlewares.

Each type of software has specificities but good principles stay:

  • simple internal and external design of your software will almost always beat a complex one. We should aim for simplicity by capturing the essence of the product.
  • automated tests are not optional. The long list of benefits outweighs the time spent to get them right
  • agile is a goal, not a methodology. It’s good to have a framework but we should never loose sight of the main goal
  • agile operations are not only a cost saver. They represent a real competitive asset specifically for the company image. Not having them will have a very negative impact on your product and will considerably slow down your time to market.

When you’re responsible for delivering a product you’re responsible for building it and shipping it in production. Both steps were flawed: no standardized way of building nor shipping high-quality software.

The Java ecosystem owes much to its open source community which addressed a lot of quality and design related topics. Good practices (12 factor apps) eventually emerged in the infrastructure ecosystem because of the very dynamic nature of cloud-based systems. The community understood that it needed to consider the infrastructure as a software with primitives and reusable components: a new set of tools started to address infrastructure automation. Terraform and Cloud formation help creating the infrastructure while provisioning tools like Ansible help orchestrating complex deployment scenarii. Kubernetes, swarm and Nomad help to optimize resource usage (and much more).

In the past years, I’ve been focusing on agile operations in distributed architecture which is quite challenging.

My blog will walk you through the various steps which led me to set foot in the cloud infrastructure world

More Information

I’m really curious when it comes to my work. But when I’m not experimenting I spend some time with my kids, coaching my son on Zelda or my daughter on rollers. I’m also an average runner.

Contact me

I’m usually not open for job opportunities (because building serious software take time and I do like to finish what I started) but if you think that you have an offer that I would not be able to refuse feel free to contact me at louis.gueye@gmail.com